Mr. Ali Attar
Mr Shabbir Attar :


Improve Hair Oil (Hair Tonic)

A uniquely formulated light nourishing hair oil that prevents hair loss, strengthen the hair from the roots and stimulates hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy. Also useful in headache and sleepnessless. A non sticky oil that can be applied daily.

  • Prevents falling of hair, premature, greying, dandruff, sleepnessless, headache.
  • Keeps Head Cool.

Main ingredients : Bhringraj, Aamla, Shikakai, Neem, Bilva, Jatamasi, Brahmi, Pattharphool, Shankhpushpi, Ratanjot, Nagarmotha, Coconut Oil, etc

Available in : 100 ml., 200 ml. & 500 m

Dawa E Josh ( Vigour Tonic )

Dawa e josh  correct male problems in conjugal life, by improving blood flow and relaxing muscles involved in the process. Reduces anxiety, calms the individual and thus restores male confidence. It improves sperm count and semen quality and thereby increases the chances of conception.

  • Strengths the Male Organs
  • Remove Sexual Debility
  • Increase the Density of Semen & Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Main ingredients : Salab Panja, Nagarmotha, Safed Musli, Agar, Banslochan, Tukhm-e-Piyaz, Tukhm-e-Khaskhas, Sumbul Lib, Todri Surkh, Amber, Saffron, Mastagi, Honey, etc
Available in : 50 gm., 150 gm.

Hazmeen ( A Safe Digestive )

Expels trapped gas with its carminative, antiftatulent and digestive actions, It provides quick relief from gastrointestinat problem like indigestion and gaseousness.

  • Regulates Digestive Functions
  • Helpful in Indigestion
  • Promotes Secretion of Digestive Juices
  • Increases Appetite
  • Relives Constipation

Main ingredients : Aamla, Sana, Haritaki, Behda, Anardana, Amchoor, Pudina, Jeera, Tejpaat, Kalimirch, Sounth, etc.
Available in : 100 gm., 200 gm


Improve (A Complete Family Tonic )

All Day Strong - All Day Long

The ultimate anti-aging formula, it improves immunity & digestion, It contains Honey, saffron which is useful as a supplement in respiratory disorder & allergic conditions and as a medium of nourishment, and several other ingredients that provide nourishment. It therefore protects your family from debiliating disorders

  • Improves Body Powerpremature
  • Improves Brain Power
  • Improves Heart Power

Main ingredients : Honey, Saffron, Behman Surkh, Salab Misri, Aqarqarha, Maghaz Akroat, Badam, Shankh Pushpi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Amber, Warq Chandi, Warq Sona, Fruit Pulp, etc.

Available in : 50 gm., 150 gm., 300 gm. & 500 gm


Paintrol (Oil For Joints & Muscular Pain)


Massage Oil that relies body aches, muscle and joint pain reliever, highly effective in back ache, muscular pain, sprains, rehumatic and ostco arthritic joint pains and Sciatica. Contains Musturd Oil processed in 20 herbs like Vacha and Devdaru which are analgasic Shigru and Sounth which have anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Quick Acting Body Ache Reliever
  • Muscle & Joint paint reliver
  • Back Ache, Sprain, Rehumatic Scitica

Main ingredients : Shigru, Vacha, Nagarmotha, Kuchla, Jaifal, Bicchnak, Gugglu, Nilgiri Oil, Loban Oil, Piperment, Camphor, Malkangni Oil, Rosa Oil

Available in : 50 ml., 100 ml., 200 ml.


Tila E Josh ( Massage Oil )

Herbal Sex Oil  prepared from unique herbs. It throws & boost and great rush of blood into the sexual organs and produces great excitement of these parts.
Effective in physical & psychosexual health of young Result central nervous system restores the lost vigor & vitality, Enhance pleasure and total satisfaction.